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Who we are

We are active people who have knowledge, skills and experience in various fields and use it effectively to implement unique projects. Our competences are confirmed by both certificates from reliable institutions from around the world, as well as the results our work.

What we do

We are familiar with photogrammetry, digital documentation of cultural heritage underwater and on land, education, digital marketing, website creation websites, programming, marine biology, oceanography and exploring the underwater world. Additionally, we are still developing and offering more and more services. Here are just the most important ones:


We implement projects in the field of photogrammetry, documentation photography and videography on land and under water​

On-line Courses

We conduct online courses, workshops and lectures in the field photogrammetry, photography, as well as marine education

Web Design and SEO

We create websites and teach our customers to effectively build on-line presence. We help with Search Engine Optimisation, so their clients can find these websites.

Digital marketing

We deal with digital marketing, which means we help our clients reach those people online who are interested in their products and services.

Our team

Mariusz Milka

Mariusz has been working in the areas of photogrammetry, photography, education and digital humanities for many years. He is also a diving instructor. He undertakes innovative projects and always looks for new challenges.

Ewelina Heil

Ewelina is a Marine Biologist, Oceanographer and Educator. For years she has been working in the field of environmental and marine education. She is also a diving instructor. In her work, she combines two passions – discovering the underwater world and teaching others about it.

We work with:

governmental institutions



NON-governmental organizations


professionals and individuals from all over the world

Media about us

press & on-line ARTICLES IN ENGLISH

Podcasts & Webinars

Over the years we have taken part in quite a few podcasts and webinars. Here is the only one that is still available in English.

These are facebook videos and may not show on some browsers, especially Firefox due to privacy settings. If you are using Mozilla Firefox and you do not see the videos, you must either allow the site in the facebook container or use the links to see the videos instead.


We were also featured in national Croatian TV.