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Advanced Skills in Underwater Photogrammetry
On-line course

Create bigger, better and more complex photogrammetric models. Gain advanced knowledge and skills to implement more challenging underwater 3D projects.
100% on-line

5-6 on-line meetings

1:1 tuition

or in small groups on request

Course length:
15h with your tutor

 Additional 15-30h of your own coursework.

Flexible dates and time

depends of participant's availibility and time zone

450 EUR

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Who the course is for:

This advanced underwater photogrammetry course is for anyone who has already learnt the fundamental skills required for working with underwater photogrammetry. Gain advanced knowledge and skills to implement more challenging underwater 3D projects!

What you will learn:

What you will be able to do after the course:

See some of the models created by our students during or after our courses

What students say about our photogrammetry courses

About the tutor:

I am a Photogrammetry and Education professional, as well as a SCUBA Diving Instructor. I have studied Education, Digital Humanities, 3D data visualisation in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage and using Digital Tools for Heritage Conservation. For the last few years I have been working with archaeologist and governmental institutions in Croatia documenting their underwater and land discoveries and digitising heritage. I have also been successfully teaching photogrammetry to professionals and hobbyists all over the world.

What this course will look like:

What you will need for the course:

A good computer with:
- at least Intel i5 processor or equivalent, but Intel i7 or equivalent would be much better
- a minimum of 12 GB of RAM, but as much as possible is preferred
- a good graphic adapter, preferably by Nvidia or AMD
- at least 40 GB of disk space
If you are unsure if your computer is good for photogrammetry, you can email us its specification and we will let you know.
A digital camera or smartphone
that you want to use for taking photographs. Action cameras, like GoPro are also good.
A trial version of Agisoft Metashape Standard Edition
you can download it for free here.
The trial version is fully functional for 30 days. Please install it just before the course, so you can continue with practicing photogrammetry for some time after. If you are planning to buy the software, please buy it after the course, when I have explained the differences in versions and licences.

Interested in taking part in this course?


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Advanced Skills in Underwater Photogrammetry

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