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Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing or online marketing, is
a collection of marketing activities that use a variety of online channels
and tools to reach a specific target group and promote products or services.
Digital marketing is based on the use of internet platforms such as
websites, social media, e-mails, internet search engines, video content,
online advertising and many others. Digital marketing is a key element of
marketing strategies in the digital era because it allows companies to reach
their customers more effectively than ever before.

Web Design

Order a modern and unique website for yourself or your company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank High on Google and Bing and bring more visitors to your website

Social media advertising

Reach precisely defined target groups with your message

We design websites

We create modern and unique websites for our clients. See below what we
offer and why it is worth working with us.


They look good on any screen size, on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.


They load quickly even on a weak internet connection and score high on Google PageSpeed.


You write content in one language, and the website itself translates it into other selected languages using the most modern linguistic algorithms.

Advanced analytics

We will launch advanced analytical tools on your website that will give you a picture of who actually visits it, what they do there and which content is most attractive to them. This will allow you to better respond to the needs of your customers.

Unique graphics

We will make sure that your website looks aesthetically pleasing. We will help you choose photos or generate images especially for you using
artificial intelligence.

Do you need a website for your business or project?

Selected examples of our websites:

Diving center website

Sidemount Society

A bilingual website of a diving centre offering diving courses in English and Polish on the island of Gozo (Malta). All content is added in one language and then automatically translated into another using the most modern linguistic algorithms. The user can switch languages using the flags at the top of the page. In addition, the website has detailed descriptions of all services, optimized for Google and Bing search engines. This makes it easier to find because it ranks high in the search results and under a large number of keywords.

We also made it easy to contact the company or order a service using booking forms or buttons for social media and instant messengers on this website. The user only is only one to three clicks away from asking a question or ordering a diving course.

The website is also record-breakingly fast. It scores 96 out of 100 maximum performance  points on mobile devices according to Google PageSpeed, where 90 is already considered a very good result. Thanks to this, it ranks higher in search results and reaches a larger number of interested people.


Small Business Website

Polish - Croatian Sworn Translator

A website we created for a company named HALO SPLIT from Croatia, which deals with sworn translations from Polish into Croatian and vice versa.

What’s unique about this site is that there isn’t a single photo on it. This happened because a sworn translator usually works with confidential documents, or translates in court or at the police, and cannot take selfies at work. And even if he did, it would be in his office at most. But how many interesting photos can you take with a person working at a desk?

Therefore, all graphics on this website have been generated with the help of artificial intelligence. So, we approached the matter very creatively. We wanted the website to reflect the fact that a sworn translator works with paper, lives in Croatia and appears in court, in various offices and medical facilities to help people there. In addition, we also tried to present such features of this profession as accuracy, attention to detail and great

Apart from that, the website loads very quickly even on mobile devices and scored as many as 98 points out of 100 in the Google PageSpeed performance test, which helps ranking it higher in search engines.


A minimalistic website of a larger business


A minimalist website that serves as a business card on the Internet, created for a company dealing with modern network solutions. Short and concise descriptions of services and technologies, animated icons, as well as interesting, modern graphics generated using artificial intelligence.

The website’s performance on mobile devices, according to Google PageSpeed, is at 99 out of 100 points, which means it can rank higher than competitors’ websites in Google and Bing search engines.


We optimise websites for search engines (SEO)

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, also known as web positioning, is the process of optimising a website, which aims to improve its visibility in search results in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. By appropriately adjusting the content, website structure, metadata, and external linking, SEO helps increase organic traffic on the website, i.e. the number of people who find a given website by searching on the Internet. Good SEO can help increase a website’s ranking in search results for specific keywords or phrases, which in turn can lead to more visits and potentially increased conversions and sales.

Who needs SEO?

SEO (web positioning) is necessary for every website, because for years research has shown that most search engine users look at the first 10-20 results and rarely check what’s below. So even if you offer the best products or services, but your website does not appear in the first 20 results, potential customers are unlikely to find out about you. Moreover, over 250,000 new websites are added to the web every day around the world, so competition in every industry is constantly increasing. So if you don’t work on SEO, someone certainly does and that’s why their websites go up and yours goes down.

Therefore, web positioning (SEO) is a key element of the marketing strategy for many companies. It can help increase the number of visits to the website, acquire new customers and increase profits.

How we can help you with web positioning (SEO)

Page optimization

If you already have a website, we can optimise it so that search engines
understand it better and rank it higher.

Content optimisation

Optimising content on the entire website so that it ranks higher for
specific desired keywords.

Rank tracking

Daily tracking of how your website ranks in Google based on 100 search keywords or phrases you define. Weekly or monthly reports. Specific tips on what to change on the website to rank higher.

Do you need help with SEO?

We advertise on social media

We plan and deliver advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and in mobile applications displaying Meta Audience Network ads. Our skills are officially recognized by Meta (Facebook). We hold the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certificate.

Defining and setting appropriate advertising budgets

In social media advertising you pay for results. Depending on the type of
ad, the result may be, for example, the number of clicks on the ad by
interested users, the number of views of your video ad, or the number of
users who liked your Facebook page or visited your website. As part of our
service, we will help you define and set the campain budget for the selected
type of advertising and appropriately distribute expenses over time. Thanks
to this, you will be sure that the ad will reach the optimal number of
people for the price you are able to pay.

Creating simple landing pages with offer details

An Ad of a product or service on social media must lead somewhere. Those interested want to know the details of your offer. Most often, such Ad leads to a special landing page with the offer. It may be a specially created offer page on social media or on your website. In both cases, we can take care of it so that your potential customers can quickly learn the details of what you offer and make a decision whether to purchase it.

Do you need help with andvertising on social media?