Dominican monastery in 3D, island of Šćedro, Croatia

In this project we created a model of an old monastery in 3D using Photogrammetry in co-operation with the Friends of the island of Šćedro Association.

The ruins of the Dominican monastery of Saint Mary of Mercy are located on the island of Šćedro. The exact date of construction is not known, but it is first mentioned in available documents in 1460. After the departure of the Dominicans in the 18th century, the French occupation followed and the monastery complex became the property of the state, which sold it in 1898. This marked the beginning of the permanent settlement of the island, to which the development of permanent agricultural crops also contributed.

Model created by: Mariusz Milka Source photographs and videos: Ewelina Heil, Mariusz Milka, Mia Marijan, Nina Marijan. Project supported by the Friends of the island of Šćedro Association

A good 3D scan of an archaeological site shows archaeologists the most important details. It can be then analysed, often without going back to the site, which reduces research costs. It can also be made available to other experts who may simply live too far away to see it with their own eyes. It also allows you to see the entire site or specific parts of it, but from angles that are not achievable in the field. Finally, since many objects cannot be physically extracted and transported anywhere, it is a good 3D scan that can be presented in a museum or on the Internet as our common world heritage.

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Once we had the 3D model of the monastery, we have used it to generate a short flyover video that can easily be used for presentations, especially off-line or using low end computers or phones.