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I have just found a piece of ancient pottery in Vis!

The piece of ancient Greek pottery found in Vis by Mariusz Mika. Ancient treasure in Vis!

This piece of ancient pottery looks very different from broken ancient Roman amphorae we find in Vis all the time. I have just found it while diving and straight away reported it to the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media. They are really interested in examining it. I will let you know more, when I know more myself 🙂

The piece of ancient pottery found in Vis.
The piece of ancient pottery found in Vis. Photo by Mariusz Milka

This is not the first treasure I found under water. I wrote about my other disvoceries here.

If you find any object of archaeological interest under water or on land, then report it to the relevant authorities. Do not move it off site. Leave it where you found it, unless there is a possibility someone may steal it or it might get damaged or lost again.