Night of Museums in Croatia

Night of Museums Croatia

The Night of Museums has just begun in Croatia. Due to the pandemic, this time a large part of the event takes place on-line, as expressed in this year’s theme – “Between real and digital”.

The Night of Museums is organised not only by museums, but also by universities and other cultural and educational institutions that have something interesting to present. One of such institutions is the Arts Academy in Split, part of the University of Split and we are cooperating with them on this project.

The interest in the on-line part of the event is now higher than ever before. So it is a great opportunity to show the world several of our previously unpublished models. Among them, a completely new scan of the ancient Roman wreck found near the island of Šćedro. Also, we have published a scan of submerged ancient Roman villa located in one of island’s bays. Both models are made with photogrammetry.

Model of an ancient Roman wreck

The wreck has been resting at a depth of 45m for over two thousand years. What has been discovered so far are several hundred amphorae that have settled in the sand more or less as they were originally laid out on a wooden boat. Although there is no longer a piece of wood among the pottery, archaeologists still suspect that part of the original hull may have been preserved under sand and sediment. Research is still ongoing and perhaps more than one curiosity awaits us under the amphorae. Our model of the ancient wreck was created based on several thousand photographs by Mariusz Milka, Ewelina Heil and Piotr Stós (Nautica Safari). Taking these images required more than a dozen dives. Later, all the photographs had to be properly processed, which was quite time-consuming, but the final effect rewards all the hardships.

Model of ancient Roman ruins

The model of the ruins of the villa required over fiveteen thousand photos to be able to accurately reproduce every detail. However, the shooting process itself went much faster than in the case of the wreck, because the ruins are at a depth of 1 to 3m. The photographs were taken by Ewelina Heil and Mariusz Milka in only one day. The model shows only the part of the ruins that has been discovered so far. However, we already know that there is much more under the bottom. Perhaps in some time we will return there and help archaeologists document more.

What else happens

A lot happens on the web and in the museums as part of this venture. That is why the Croatian Night of Museums has its official website with a search engine for all the events that take place as part of this experience. So we encourage you to do a virtual tour. And if you are interested in more of our 3D models, then see OUR PROJECTS.