Old anchors, Cyprus

These two old anchors lie at a depth of about 4m near the Paphos Harbour in Cyprus. Nobody wants to say how they got there. One story is that divers found them in much deeper waters and then moved them just near the shore to serve as underwater attractions during diving introduction programs. How much truth is in this story? We don’t know. Anyway the anchors are actually put in shallow water, where classes for beginner divers are regularly held.

Since they are already there and actually serve the surrounding diving center, we decided to create their detailed 3D models to better advertise this small underwater museum. We used a camera and a technique called Photogrammetry.

The first anchor is probably about 100 years old.

The second anchor is much older, but no one has officially estimated its age.

With both detailed 3D models, we also created short videos showing what these old anchors look like.

A good 3D scan of an underwater object created for diving purposes must show details, look realistic and encourage you to visit this place. This is because it will be used by divers as a 3D map for planning dives, as well as by dive centers for marketing purposes.

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