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I have just found another treasure under water!

By Mariusz

Earlier today, while diving at one of the ancient shipwrecks in Vis, Croatia, I found another treasure. I discovered an ancient Greek jug. I reported the item to the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and it will be recovered by them in the near future. Here is what the jug looks like If you…

I have just found a piece of ancient pottery in Vis!

By Mariusz

This piece of ancient pottery looks very different from broken ancient Roman amphorae we find in Vis all the time. I have just found it while diving and straight away reported it to the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media. They are really interested in examining it. I will let you know more, when I…

I have found an ancient Roman jug under water!

By Mariusz

Yesterday, while diving in Vis, I found an ancient Roman jug. I reported in to the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media and they will let me know when they can come to recover it. Here is a photo what it looks like. If you find any object of archaeological interest under water or on…

Marine life on an ancient wreck, Croatia

By Ewelina

It’s interesting, how different people pay attention to different things during a dive. We may dive all together, but every person has a bit different experience. Wreck diving enthusiasts focus on wrecks and their hidden little “treasures”. Animal lovers notice abundance of life on the site, especially the tiny organisms, which remain hidden for other…

Ancient Roman shipwreck, Croatia

By Mariusz

This ship sank about 2,000 years ago near the small island of Šćedro, and to this day lies almost intact at a depth of 45 meters. This ancient Roman shipwreck is one of the few known well-preserved wrecks from that time, which makes it a unique find. What we can see so far are more…