Tag: animals

A sea turtle in Vis

By Ewelina

Today, while 3D-scanning the ancient harbour in Vis, we were approached by a very friendly loggerhead turtle. It was a great surprise, as we don’t see sea turtles here very often, especially so close to the shore. The turtle came very close and stayed with us for about 15 min, with a small break for…

Marine Ecology Webinars

By Ewelina

Over the last 5 weeks, together with Piotr Stós – hydrobiologist from Nautica Diving Center, we have conducted our Marine Ecology Webinars. The inspiration for creating this series was the SSI Marine Ecology course, but in our classes we presented much more. During the webinar on marine biodiversity, we focused on organizing the existing knowledge…

Marine life on an ancient wreck, Croatia

By Ewelina

It’s interesting, how different people pay attention to different things during a dive. We may dive all together, but every person has a bit different experience. Wreck diving enthusiasts focus on wrecks and their hidden little “treasures”. Animal lovers notice abundance of life on the site, especially the tiny organisms, which remain hidden for other…