Two wrecks in 3d, Cyprus

During this project we scanned two wrecks in 3D using Photogrammetry. These two wrecks are located near Paphos, Cyprus and are quite popular among divers. Achilleas was a Greek vessel that exploded and sank in 1975. The White Star previously known as Ivana Ivanova, was a Russian ship that sank on February 18th 2007 during her transportation to Limassol.

Both of them are easily accessible and not demanding dive sites. Therefore, local dive centres organise dives there every time the weather is good. However, apart from a few photographs, no detailed map was previously available. So we decided to help. We scanned them and published our models of these two wrecks in 3D, so every dive centre in the neighbourhood has good maps and some marketing material.

This is our model of the White Star.

This is our model of Achilleas.

Once we had a detailed 3d model, we also created a short video showing Achilleas. This video can now be shared online and used for marketing and presentations about diving and underwater tourism in Cyprus.

A good 3D scan of an underwater object created for diving purposes must show details, look realistic and encourage you to visit this place. This is because it will be used by divers as a 3D map for planning dives, as well as by dive centers for marketing purposes.

If you need a detailed 3D model of a shipwreck, archaeological site, or object underwater or on land, then you’ve come to the right place. Just contact us!